CSS-Accounting Features

This video explains about accounting features of SNS Credit Co-operative Society. Video has following important information:

  • Cash Book: Through this feature society can find out all the cash transaction on a particular date in particular branch.
  • Trial Balance: Through this feature can find out all the general ledger transactions during certain period. This is really important report by which management can see consolidate report at anytime for any duration so can measure the current status.
  • Cheque Clearance: Through this feature can find out status of not cleared cheques. Whenever society receives any cheque, it goes to bank for clearance. If it does not get clear then admin make an entry with reason why cheque has not cleared. So through this management can see list of all the not cleared cheque.
  • Fund Transfer: Through this feature can transfer fund from one branch to another branch or from Head office to branch or branch to head office.
  • Profit and Loss statement: Through this feature can find out all the income and expense transactions during certain period. Then calculate net profit /Loss. While in trial balance can see all general ledger transaction but in this only income and expense ledger transactions.
  • Maturity: Through this feature can find out all the accounts (RD, FD, Bond etc) which got mature but still payment has not been made to the member. So management can have list of pending payments for a particular branch.