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We are working in software industry since 2003, it took lot of our hard work, investment. We are ready to share same with you.
We are looking partner to work with us, we are open to discuss based on your experience and interest. If you are marketing expert, we can work on commission basis. If you are a investor, we can give you partnership in product. If you would like to start franchise, we can provide all technical support and you can market our product and have fix commission, this is best way to start software business.
br>We can also offer deep discount to our partners. 

  New Business Maintenance Customization
 State Level 10% 2% 5%
 Division Level  5% 1.50% 2%

 State level will get 5% commission on each sale of division level.

 If the prize is 1,00000/- than the commission of state level person is 10,000/- & the commission of division level is  5,000/-.


  New three in first three month  Maintenance Customization
 State Level 35% 6% 18%
 Division Level  20% 4.50% 9%


  Yearly Bonus on New business  Yearly Bonus on Maintenance Yearly Bonus on Customization
 State Level 2% on Total business 0.5% on total maintenance 1% on total business
 Division Level  1% on total business 0.2% on total maintenance 0.5% on total business


 New Sale  Rewards Time Period
 5 new sale Wrist watch 6 month
 10 new sale LED 12 month
 15 new sale Laptop 15month
 20 new sale Car 18 month


 Royalty  Amount
 After 50 new sale 10,000/- per month
 After 80 new sale 15,000/- per month
 After 100 new sale 22,000/- per month

Note:- State person can sale only in his state or in set area.

Division level will have right to appoint district representative.

We are looking win-win situation for our team, client and partners.