Extra Features

Android / Iphone Applicationiphone Device
This app is for customer as well as collection agent. Customer can view the account balance and last ten transactions & Agent can collect the amount of daily collection deposit.
This App use Agent Wise Receiving Collection Without POS Device.
It has basically Six modules
My Account
Quick Collection
My Collection
Change Password
Log Out

My Account:
It is displaying all introduced account, through that option he can receive collection after just click on that row.
Agent can check all the plan details .
Plan like Recurring Deposit,General Investment Deposit(GID),Daily Deposits(DD) and Saving Deposits.
Agent can renew all type of account..
He can see the introduced A/C detail separately.

Quick Collection:
Through that agent can quick search to any account and will get the payment of that account which is related to Loan, DD, Saving & RD
Searching options two type

(i) Plan (ii) Loan
He can search A/C No. and renew all type of account.
He can receive the loan EMI also.

My Collection:
Agent can see the collection detail history date wise.

Agent can send feedback to Admin.

Change Password
Log Out

• View Generated Commission.• Team structure.
• Self business.• Team Business.
• Team structure.• Update profile.
• Request send to Admin.
POS Device Implementation :POS Device

This device is very help full for Credit Co-operative Societies, rural banks etc. who address a segment of society, which finds it difficult to comprehend the normal banking processes. This is basically for collection agent, we embedded that machine with our software. It helps the agent to issue an immediate receipt for the amount collected from one of its customer. It subsequently gets updated to the core financial system of the institution either by docking it in one of the branch machines or directly transferring the transaction to the core financial engine. It empowers both the Financial Institution as well as its customer to know the exact position of the customer’s account as well it allows to reach the customer’s doorstep.

It generates various MIS reports like
Scroll Report
• Dated – Receipt wise

• Total – Receipt wise

• Today – Account wise

• Total – Account wise

Daily Summary

Duplicate Reports

Dynamic Website:Dynamic Website

• Easy understand all plan like RD / FD etc.
• View Generated commission & take the print out also.
• Easy graphical display of team.
• Update profile.
• Change password.
Others:SMS Icon

• SMS Alert.
• Email Alert.
• Strong Account module.
• Renewal reminder set before 15 days / 30 days.
• Dynamic role assignment for branch.
• Dynamic plan creator like RD / FD / Daily deposit.