Plan Management

This video explains about Plan management module of Credit Co-operative Society. Video has following important information: 

  • Regular Installment Plan: In this plan member deposit some fix amount periodically (every month, quarterly, half yearly etc.). This plan also known as Recurring deposit (RD).
  • Fixed Deposit: In this plan member deposit some amount one time for a certain period. Once that period finish member get back deposit amount with interest.
  • Daily Deposit Scheme: In this plan member deposit some amount every day.
  • Pension Plan: In this plan once member deposit amount after that there will be some silent period (5year, 6 year etc). Silent period means no activity, no transaction. Once silent period elapses then member gets pension (some principal plus interest).
  • Bond: It’s a special kind of deposit scheme in which deposit amount get double after certain number of years as per society rules.
  • Saving: Its same plan as various bank provides. In this plan member can do any deposit or withdrawal as per its need. It works similar as it works in any bank saving a/c.