Attractive Dashboard Everything is on dashboard like total accounts, total member, current account transaction Pie graph, Bar graph & Line graph for used plan, current sale & overall profit etc…
Reporting on DashboardLot of current reports are on dashboard and all are expandable like total collection, renewal & agent commission etc…
Artificial IntelligenceSoftware Itself having Artificial Intelligence, So you can work easily without any knowledge of Accounts (like: Debit Or Credit etc)
Good AppearanceOnly one Software having reports with linings & good color Combination. We are providing good GUI.
Auto PostingJust do transaction entry & software will automatically Post it in Day book, Ledger, Balance Sheet, Reports.
Audit ReportsJReports for Audit Purpose.
AutomationAutomatically Interest Calculation.
Low Burden80% of work will be reduced.
Easy & SimpleWithout much knowledge of computer, you can work easily.
ProtectionSecurity by double password protection.
PolicyTotally Policy base package, so you can change your policy any time independently through admin access.
IndependencyIt is a web base software , so no need to install software yourself, just open a branch and create a id & password of that so that branch is able to access anywhere with that id & password.
Magic EyeSoftware will guide you at the time of mistake.
OnlineCalculator, Calendar, Planner, Message note etc.
Date Lock SystemDue to locking system unauthorized person cannot disturb your work.
Mgt. Info. SystemsManagement can get information about approximate income,expense, profitability etc.
Label / ListMembers Name, Address Label & List Printing Facility.